Program Rules and Guidelines


(Posted May 22, 2018)


  1. Advertising in the Guide will now be made available to any, and all stallions who wish to buy advertising.
  2. Advertising in the Guide will become optional to the SSS participating stallions.
  3. Due to the annual increase over the past 5 years for the expenses of mailing, printing, research/creation of the Stat pages, we will no longer be offering the Photo/Stat combo.  The combo will be replaced with 4-color Display advertising pages.  Stallions who wish to have their display advertising included in the Guide will be required to submit their ad Camera Ready for insertion on or before the  NOVEMBER 1, 2018 DEADLINE!!!
  4. Rate per page  for Participating SSS stallions:  $500
  5. Rate per page for NON-SSS participating stallions: $800 per page
  6. The Guide will continue to be mailed out to all current BBR Members, all American Qualifier Tour contestants and all Select Stallion Stakes enrolled horse owners.


  1.  Increase the percentage contributed to the bonus payout to 80% on the stallion $1500 annual participation fee.
  3.  Beginning January 1, 2019, SSS will do away with the current age structured progeny enrollment fees:  Yearlings   $200 /  Two-Year-Old horses  $250 / Three-Year-Old horses   $400  / Four & Five-Year-Old horses  $500 / Horses Six Years Old & Older  $600
  4. Beginning January 1, 2019 the following simple enrollment fee scale will be adopted: $200 for all Grandfathered Horses (applies to any age horse sired by a currently participating stallion) / $300 for Horses by stallions which have dropped out of the program (applies only to horses born or conceived during a season a drop out stallion was participating)
  5. Beginning January 1, 2019: ALL progeny enrollment fees received between Jan 1 and Sept 1, will go into the current season purse.  Enrollment fees received between Sept 1 and Dec 31, will go into the next season purse.
  6. All enrollment fees for under age progeny previously received toward future season payouts, which are currently being held in savings, will continue to be held in savings until the allocated future season payout release date.


The annual SELECT STALLION STAKES purses are determined by the enrollment participation of both stallions and their progeny.  SELECT STALLION STAKES shall use these numbers and its best judgment to determine both the quantity of annual incentive events and the amount to be distributed at each location.  SELECT STALLION STAKES shall work with B.B.R. to designate B.B.R. approved events to receive SELECT STALLION STAKES incentive money.  The criteria for the selection of such incentive events shall be based on proximity to participating stallions, produced by a producer in good standing with B.B.R., history of event including number of years in production, amount of added money, number of entries, etc.

Stallion Enrollment…

The annual season shall be January 1 thru December 31.  Participation fee for stallions with performance age progeny shall be $1,500 ($1,000 enrollment fee / $500 Directory Fee). Stallions that do not have performance age progeny may participate for two seasons in the Young Guns program by paying $500 Directory Fee plus 50% of the stallion stud fee ($250 minimum, not to exceed $1000).  Should a stallion enroll then drop out or lapse on enrollment for a period of more than 30 days, the annual enrollment fee will be $1,500 plus $250 per season that stallion was not enrolled. 

There is no limit to the number of stallions that will be accepted for participation and no waiting list.  Stallions MUST meet the required acceptance criteria. 

Participation will be by invitation only – Stallions invited by SELECT STALLION STAKES will be accepted for participation. All stallion owners who contact Select Stallion Stakes inquiring about participation in the program will be required to provide their stallion’s registered name to confirm a stallion possesses the required criteria for enrollment.

Criteria for Invitation to Participate - Must possess at least one of the following criteria:

  • Be A Proven Runner and/or Performer.
  • Sired by a Leading Sire and out of a Proven producer with at least one Proven half sibling.
  • Be a Proven Sire of Race and/or Performance Progeny.

(*Proven defined as official performance record with AQHA, APHA or Equi-Stat, with Earnings on the track and/or in the performance arena)

Progeny Enrollment…

Grandfathering of progeny will be allowed for the life of the program so long as a stallion maintains consecutive annual enrollment, for the following fee:

  • Horses of any age                                              $200

(Foals sired by stallions who have dropped out the B.B.R. SELECT STALLION STAKES program cannot be enrolled under the Grandfathering definition.)

Foals which are the resulting offspring of a season during which the stallion was enrolled and foals born during a season which the stallion was enrolled, are always eligible for enrollment under the following fee schedule:

  • Yearlings                                                                                       $200 
  • Two-Year-Olds                                                                              $250 
  • Three-Year-Olds                                                                            $400 
  • Four & Five-Year-Olds                                                                   $500 
  • Horses Six Years Old & Older                                                       $600

Purse Distribution…

75% from the enrollment fees will be put into a secure account to be distributed as incentive money. All advertised B.B.R. SELECT STALLION STAKES Incentives shall be split 60% to the Owner, 40% to the Stallion Owner.   Office fees will be deducted from stallion participation and aged progeny enrollments upon receipt of the payment for promotion and administration of the SELECT STALLION STAKES program. 

The incentive money portion of nomination/enrollment fees from horse(s) not yet of competition age will be held for payout until a futurity horse’s four-year-old year. 

Enrollment fees for horses of competition age will be added to the incentive payout the year they are received January thru September. Competition age horses enrollment fees receveived between October 1 thru December 31 will be added to the incentive payout the following year.

Incentive monies will be paid only at selected B.B.R. sanctioned events over the course of the season and distributed directly by SELECT STALLION STAKES.  Should there be fewer participants at an incentive event than the recommended incentive payout provides for per class, 100% of the advertised amount will redistributed accordingly in placing order to those in the class. 

Enrolled stallions who are still competing in barrel racing are also eligible to receive  SELECT STALLION STAKES incentive money when they themselves are ridden at a designated incentive event.


  • Futurity must be B.B.R. approved.        
  • Futurity incentive payouts will be based on a straight payout (no divisions). Horse must be Paid In Full enrolled in the SELECT STALLION STAKES.
  • Futurity horses must be identified on entry form by registered name to be SELECT STALLION STAKES Incentive eligible at an event.
  • Contestants competing on SELECT STALLION STAKES ELIGIBLE HORSE do not have to be a B.B.R. Member, except at B.B.R. produced events where membership is required by all contestants.
  • SELECT STALLION STAKES Incentive Money will be paid out either on the Average or Per Round, as deemed appropriate by SELECT STALLION STAKES.
  • Number of places paid will be determined by the total amount of the Incentive offered.

SELECT STALLION STAKES Divisional Incentive:

  • Divisional race must be B.B.R. approved.  
  • Divisional payouts will be based on 5D’s in holding with B.B.R. competition rules with even money split 20% to each division.  
  • Horse must be Paid in Full enrolled in SELECT STALLION STAKES.  
  • Horse must be identified on entry form by registered name to be SELECT STALLION STAKES Incentive eligible at an event.
  • Contestants competing on SELECT STALLION STAKES ELIGIBLE HORSE do not have to be a B.B.R. Member, except at B.B.R. produced events where membership is required by all contestants.  
  • SELECT STALLION STAKES Incentive Money will be paid on a per round basis.  
  • Number of places paid will be determined by the total amount of the Incentive offered per round.


SELECT STALLION STAKES RFD-TV’s The American Semi-Finals & Rodeo Incentive:

  • Incentive payouts will be based on a straight payout (no divisions).  
  • Horse must be Paid In Full enrolled in SELECT STALLION STAKES.  
  • Contestants will be required to provide the horse (by registered name) at time of entry which will be ridden in each round, in order to be eligible for SELECT STALLION STAKES incentive.  
  • SELECT STALLION STAKES Incentive Money will be paid out on the long goes.  
  • Number of places paid will be determined by the total amount of the Incentive offered.

Marketing Opportunities for Participating Select Stallion Stakes Sires…

(updated July 19, 2017 for the 2018 and future enrollment seasons)

  • Inclusion in the Select Stallion Stakes - Stallion Guide catalog and on Select Stallion Stakes web site.  
  • Inclusion in the Select Stallion Stakes mini-guide which will be run in trade publications chosen by SELECT STALLION STAKES.  
  • Inclusion of Stallion Flyer in the Select Stallion Stakes Facebook page Select Stallion Stakes Guide Album. 
  • Inclusion of your 4 x 8 Banner at B.B.R.Produced events where bonus money is offered (limit 1 Stallion per Banner - Stallion Owner must provide all banners – Banners are Non-Returnable). 
  • Invitation to participate in the B.B.R. World Finals Select Stallion Stakes Stallion Owners Production Sale 

General Rules…

SELECT STALLION STAKES reserves the right to refuse any enrollment nomination.

SELECT STALLION STAKES reserves the right to alter the conditions of all or part of the program as it, in its sole discretion, deems advisable. SELECT STALLION STAKES may cancel the program at any time and refund money, excluding interest, if it deems the participation is insufficient to justify the program.

All money will be maintained in a separate SELECT STALLION STAKES Account and managed by the Select Stallion Stakes program administrator and staff accountant.

Once a horse has paid in full for their progeny enrollment they shall be eligible for incentives payouts for the life of the program regardless of whether the sire continues to participate. Likewise, a stallion will be eligible for sire incentives for the life of the program from his paid in full progeny which are the resulting enrollments received during his eligible term of participation.

In order for incentive money to be paid out, a horse’s owner/agent is responsible for providing the horse’s registered name on entry forms and designating that the horse is enrolled in SELECT STALLION STAKES. UNOFFICIAL RESULTS WILL BE POSTED ON THE SELECT STALLION STAKES WEB SITE. ANY INQUIRIES MUST BE MADE WITHIN 7 DAYS. IF NO INQUIRIES ARE RECEIVED CHECKS WILL BE CUT AND RESULTS WILL BECOME OFFICIAL. AND NO CHANGES WILL BE MADE AFTER CHECKS ARE CUT.

All disputes arising out of the application or interpretation of any rules or conditions of the SELECT STALLION STAKES shall be decided by SELECT STALLION STAKES.

RESOLUTION OF DISPUTES: It is recognized that SELECT STALLION STAKES, LLC has established the rules and conditions for participation in the SELECT STALLION STAKES. By participating in this program and/or entering a contest where incentive money is offered each participant agrees to be bound by rules and conditions as established by and as interpreted bySELECT STALLION STAKES, LLC. In the event of a dispute with respect to any matter governing the award of prizes, awards and monies, the decision by SELECT STALLION STAKES, LLC shall be final, binding and not subject to challenge in any court of law.

In the event a lawsuit is filed, the parties hereto consent to WAIVE THEIR RIGHT TO A JURY TRIAL concerning any controversy arising out of or relating to any of the parties' dealings with each other, whether in contact or in tort, AND TO SUBMIT ANY AND ALL DISPUTES TO ARBITRATION pursuant to the provisions of the Oklahoma Uniform Arbitration Act found at 15 O.S. §801, et seq. The arbitration proceedings shall be conducted in accordance with the provisions of 15 O.S. §801, et seq. and, specifically, pursuant to the provisions of 15 O.S. §804, in the event a lawsuit is filed, SELECT STALLION STAKES, LLC may apply to the Court for the appointment, in the sole discretion of the Court, of a single arbitrator which said arbitrator will arbitrate said dispute in accordance with the provisions of the Oklahoma Uniform Arbitration Act. Each participant agrees that in the event of an unsuccessful lawsuit, the claimant shall be liable for SELECT STALLION STAKES, LLC costs and attorneys’ fees. Each Participant also agrees (a) that the  SELECT STALLION STAKES, as described in the conditions, bears a reasonable relationship to the state of Oklahoma; (b) that the rules, conditions and conduct should be governed by the laws of the state of Oklahoma in all respects, and (c) that McClain County, Oklahoma shall be the choice of venue. It is the sole responsibility of each participant to make timely payments to maintain entry eligibility. SELECT STALLION STAKES,, LLC, nor its directors, accepts responsibility for providing any notice of deadlines or eligibility to any participant. Any notice provided by SELECT STALLION STAKES, LLC is only for the convenience of the participants. Failure to mail or receive any notice shall in no way absolve the participant from ultimate responsibility to insure timely payment(s). SELECT STALLION STAKES, LLC may elect to provide enrollment/payment reminder notices, eligibility lists, or any other notice but is under no obligation to do so.

All parties participating in the SELECT STALLION STAKES are responsible for reading these conditions and fully understanding their contents.SELECT STALLION STAKES, LLC assumes no liability to those who have not read the conditions and having not read these conditions they are still held to their contents.